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This is a short blog post to promote the new, official website of slow-film director Lav Diaz from the Philippines. If you’re interested in his work, there’s quite a bit on the website already, but there will be more in future.

Via the website, it is now possible to buy copies of his films. You can also financially support his work.

Another important news in the same context is the set-up of a Twitter account, which collects everything that is written or reported on Lav Diaz and his films. It is extremely difficult to keep an overview, and I was thinking a while ago of splitting my Twitter account into one for general Slow (Cinema) stuff and one for Lav Diaz because there’s a lot out there somehow.

In agreement with Hazel Orencio, this Twitter account (@lavdiazofficial), which I will maintain, runs in connection with his website. It makes things a lot easier, and should be more up-to-date for the website user as it is difficult to maintain the website itself in between film production, post-production, festivals, etc etc This Twitter account is meant to help.

Please check out Lav’s website, and follow lavdiazofficial on Twitter if you want to be up-to-date about what’s going on.

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7 Comments on "Lav Diaz Official Website"

  1. are you going to include his articles featured on issues of jingle mag ?

  2. hi nadin,

    i got the pdf files of lav diaz stuff from jingle —- articles about musicans and gigs, interviews and even poetry…here’s my email :, ping me here so i can send it to you oks?

  3. Hello! I am Ryan of Rizal Library Ateneo de Manila University Philippines. The library is interested of all films made by film director Lav Diaz. By any chance were can we purchase the them. thank you.

  4. I am an Italian lawyer and I wish to contact Mr. Lav Diaz on behalf of one of my clients.
    Could you help me?
    Best regards.
    Manlio Mallia

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