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It’s been quite a while now that I got totally excited about Bovines, a French (slow) film about cows, made by Emmanuel Gras. It sounds ridiculous, but the film was amazing. I’m still fascinated by the beauty in each frame. Slow looking is not just about art, it is about everything in our surrounding. I guess, cows are a good example for this. We take them so much for granted that we don’t perceive their beings anymore. The last time we did that properly was when we were little and still explored the world around us. We have stopped doing this. Now we wonder what could possibly be so interesting about cows that you need to make a film about them. Well, Bovines gives you the answer. I strongly recommend this film.

There is now a smaller version of slowness in (German) cinemas. I’m speaking of Slow, a film made by Sascha Seifert, which depicts quite fittingly the life of snails. When I saw the trailer, I loved it instantly. It looks like a peaceful slow film about life in nature; the embodiment of slowness, far far away from mechanical clocks which have caused so much trouble that we now have to step back and create events like Slow Art Day to remind us that we’re moving too fast. Anyway, the film will be out in Germany on May, 23rd this year. Unfortunately, there is no release date for the UK at the moment. It would be great to see this at a festival one day. I’d love to make this happen.

Cows, snails…who’s making a film about sloths? You can always be slower. (Perhaps this is my destiny. I shall think this through…)

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You should check out Bestaire, a slow film by French Canadian film director Denis Cote. He is a slow film director and in my opinion Canada’s best director working right now. I have never heard of the film Bovines before, but the premise, and the poster for it, reminded me of Bestaire. Great blog btw!

Thanks, Jonathan! Bestaire rings a bell, but I don’t think I have actually seen the film. Thanks for pointing me to it. I will make sure to get hold of it!

I loved Bovines, with those fog shots of cows and not a word.
Thanks for the recommendation of this cute little film about snails, it’s like the antithesis of the animated Dreamworks movie Turbo, with a “turbo-snail” in it.

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