I’ve found this wonderful idea by accident, and decided to become host of a little event here in Dundee. The idea behind it is simple: according to some studies, we only take around 17 seconds max to look at a painting, which defies proper contemplation and understanding. The Slow Art Day aims to slow down the process of looking at art.

So how is this going to work? The event takes place on 27 April 2013 here in Dundee (and in other cities, check the official website). If you want to take part in it, please register on my event page. The day before we meet, I’ll send you an email with the names of five paintings you’re supposed to look at. I’ll ask you to dedicate between five to ten minutes to each painting. After that, we go have lunch together and discuss our experience.

Very easy, very straightforward. You don’t need expert knowledge in art. This is not an event exclusive to art students, art teachers, etc. It is more about coming together to share the luxury of contemplation together.

The entry to the McManus is generally free, so you’d only have to pay for your own lunch. That’ll happen at Duke’s Corner, a ten minute walk away from the gallery. A lovely pub, nice atmosphere, good food and drinks.

Hope to see you at the McManus!

(I’ll repost this entry several times in the run-up to April, so early apologies for this.)