This is only a short entry to inform you about next year’s Slow Art Day. Those who are not yet aware of this wonderful day of slow-looking should check out the group’s website for more details. Or maybe even become a host in your hometown. I’m in the (slow) process of posting invitations to museums and galleries in the UK. The first 40 invitations have been posted. And yes, I mean ‘posted’. I began reaching-out via emails until I received loads of Out Of Office replies. I thought that it’s too easy not to read the email. Besides, once museum directors return from their holiday, an email from something that contains ‘slow’ in the subject is probably the last thing they would open. Hence, traditional letters.

Slow Art Day aims at giving you a unique insight into art by asking you to look at artworks slowly. You will spend more time looking at a painting that you would have perhaps ever imagined. But this long look gives you a very different kind of access to the artwork, maybe even to the painter behind the artwork. You allow yourself time to see, to let the experience happen to you.

Last year’s Slow Art Day was a huge success. Even the Wall Street Journal picked it up. More and more museums and galleries around the world take part in it. Together we can help making it even bigger.

I for my part will host next year’s Slow Art Day at the University of Stirling. Similar to this year, I will choose from a range of artworks, from painting to sculpture. The advantage of Stirling is that I can slow down the process of looking even more by choosing artworks spread over the whole (beautiful!) campus, combining walks from A to B, watching squirrels and rabbits on your way to the next location. Obviously this depends on the weather. So does the lunch after the viewing. The vague plan is to have a BBQ, which would be a lovely thing to do at the end of the day. But I will only be able to confirm this closer to the day.

Until then, if you want to join me on the day, do register here for the event. I’d be happy to welcome you for a day of slow-looking.