Finally, some slow news appear in the thick of the world wide web.

First of all, Lav Diaz’s Norte was screened in Poland as part of the New Horizon’s International Film Festival. Tsai Ming-liang, whose new film wasn’t ready for a Cannes submission, can be happy about a nomination of Stray Dogs in the official competition of this year’s Venice Film Festival. I can’t wait for this one. It’s been four years since he made his last film, Visage (2009). Fellow slow-film director Apichatpong Weerasethakul gave this interesting comment on it:

I remember that the film had a different title, Diary of a Young Boy. We shall see what we learn about the film once it has been shown at Venice. I’m also anticipating a new Lisandro Alonso film, which so far doesn’t have a title. IMDB gives us this synopsis: “A father and daughter journey from Denmark to an unknown desert that exists in a realm beyond the confines of civilization.”

This does sound like another very slow-moving travel film. I’m surprised that Alonso uses Danish actors and actresses for his film this time. I wonder where he got the idea from. Anyway, the film is currently in post-production and expected to be released in 2014. Keep an eye out for festival line-ups next year. There’s more slowness-on-screen to come. So much for Nick James’ argument that Slow Cinema has come to an end

I will soon write about a few more things that directly concern my thesis. I’m in the process of sharpening it, and of preparing the next chapter. I also have a submission deadline (1 October) for the MeCCSA Networking Knowledge Journal. I hope I can secure publication for this. If yes, I can finally use the joker I still have to be quiet about 🙂

I have created a new blog yesterday, which appears to have little to do with my research topic. But these two will eventually meet and merge. This is my plan anyway. It’s not an amusing piece of work, but it’s not going to be very depressive either. I try to make it more uplifting than it sounds.