As promised, a first, rather brief update, about how things are developing regarding the forthcoming (oh, I’m super excited!) Slow Cinema VoD platform.

Two weeks ago, I took the first step considering the technicalities behind the idea of setting up the platform. The Art(s) of Slow Cinema now has its own server, which will host both the VoD service and this blog which will move later this year. The server will also be the place where all data is stored, including payment information. So, the basis is present and correct.

My brother, who’s the genius behind the whole technical stuff, is now working on the structure that will allow the filmmakers, who have been chosen for a certain curated theme, to upload their films. As noted in the project description, the filmmakers will do their share of work. They upload their films themselves (at least for the beginning, we’ll see if that really works out this way), they enter all relevant information about their films for the viewer, and they will give a brief biography of themselves.

This is what’s being worked on for now. It will take a good couple of weeks after which we can test the upload function of the VoD platform. There is no date for that yet, but I’ll keep you posted. If all goes well, and my proposal is accepted, I will briefly speak about my work – my blog, my VoD platform – in London at the Slow Cinema symposium. Fingers crossed!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Slow Cinema VoD project description and here’s the Call for Films.

Edit: You can now donate to our crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe.