It’s been quiet on this blog for a while, but this is mainly a time-issue. I have a new blog post in my head after I read a superb, almost mind-blowing book at the end of November. But I had to finish some other work first. I reserve this new post (on Slow Cinema as film experience) for the New Year.

A lot has happened regarding the tao films platform. The website is now available and you can see the trailers of our six selected films, and read interviews with the directors. It’s only another week before the launch and I cannot tell you how exciting it is to bring this baby into the world. Please do join us on tao films and get familiar with the films on offer from January to March 2017. We’re now also working on numbered DVD releases and an annual physical screening event. Please follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for all updates next year!

To round up the year, I’d like to point you to an interview Tim Prevett, an expert in Slow Television, conducted with me not so long ago. The interview is now online, and it answers questions of what I do, what (to me) characterises Slow Cinema, what possible alternative names there are, etc etc I think after four years of work on this blog, the interview is a very good summary. Please feel free to listen to the interview here on YouTube and share it if you feel like it.

I’d like to wish my readers a very merry Christmas, and a wonderful festive and restorative season. I’ll see you in 2017 with tao films and more blog posts about the wonderful world of Slow Cinema!