The Art(s) of Slow Cinema has made its snail way to Tumblr. This will not replace this website at all. Fear not! I keep returning to the photographic beauty of specific shots in slow films, and I’m also generally a visual person. I tend to include a few screenshots in my film reviews, but I’d like to give you a slightly broader view of the film’s aesthetics. I have therefore started a Tumblr page, linked to this blog, which will be used entirely for visuals. At the moment there are two photo sets of Lav Diaz’s Death in the Land of Encantos and Melancholia, but more will follow in snail time. No rush.

That said, if you have a profile on Tumblr, please feel free to follow this new slow baby of mine. I will upload my own screenshots, so what will appear on my Tumblr page may not be found on Google images. Ha, I may create exclusive content just for you! 🙂

Finally, before I forget it, I should give you the link to my Slow Cinema page. Please click here.