The Art(s) of Slow Cinema VoD Trailer #2

Here’s the second trailer I have put together to advertise the crowdfunding campaign for The Art(s) of Slow Cinema VoD. Please share this in whatever way you can, and please consider donating to the campaign and make this project come to life. Thank you!

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Los Ausentes – Nicolas Pereda (2014) The Art(s) of Slow Cinema Trailer N° 1


Do remember to add links to the crowd funding page wherever you can. Right now its really hard to find that link and it seems to be just in one old post. I’d put it absolutely everywhere you can, in each post and in a menu / page on your site!

Thank you! Well, I would love to add something to my page, but GoFundMe widgets are no longer supported by WordPress. The link to the crowdfunding appears almost daily on Twitter (over 800 followers) and Facebook (over 1.7k followers). I also use Tumblr to promote it and have sent emails like mad. People help me to spread the word. I’m not sure what more I can do.

Patrick Miller

Just put a URL on the page. It’s better than nothing.

All done. I added the links to all posts which are about the VoD platform and have added a separate link to the “sites of interest” sidebar. Thanks again!

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