It’s almost Xmas, and we have prepared something special for lovers of contemplative cinema. Our tao films advent calendar offers 24 previously unseen short films. Each short film is available for 1€ only and for 24 hours only. The calendar is a sneak peek on what we will offer in 2018, and, of course, it’s a superb way to celebrate cinema and Xmas at the same time 😉

So here’s the screening schedule for the coming three weeks. The special offer starts tomorrow, 1 December, midnight Central European Time. All films can be bought separately or you can buy the entire calendar in one go. Hope to see you around!! Don’t forget, you can discuss the films in our dedicated tao films community on Facebook. If you tweet about the calendar or want to give us a shoutout, please use the hashtag #taofilmsxmas

1 Dec – THE SADNESS OF THE TREES by Scott Barley and Mikel Guillen
2 Dec – SHADOWS SET TO THE WEST by Manj Gill
3 Dec – SPIN OF YOUTH by Joël Duinkerke
4 Dec – PASSAGE by Telemach Wiesinger
5 Dec – A PIOUS MAN by Alex Megaro
6 Dec – INGANNI by Salvatore Insana
7 Dec – THE PAPERMAN by AbhirOop Basu
8 Dec – THE EMPTY NEST by Marta Hernaiz Pidal
9 Dec – HUH by Filip Kojic
10 Dec – PSYCHOPOMP by Mariachiara Pernisa and Morgan Menegazzo
11 Dec – NOC by Pilar Palomero
12 Dec – MEMOIRE CARBONE by Pierre Villemin
14 Dec – A MIND OF ICE by Eli Hayes
15 Dec – AMPLIACION by Jaime Ignacio Grijalba Gómez
16 Dec – CARROZZERIA MISTA by Francis Magnenot and Katia Viscogliosi
17 Dec – QUIRO by Yudhajit Basu
18 Dec – MEER by Wolfgang Lehmann and Telemach Wiesinger
19 Dec – BRUSSELS NOTES by José Fernandez
20 Dec – FROM THE SIDE by Yefim Tovbis
21 Dec – PESCARE by Kevin Pontuti
22 Dec – OD EL-CAMINO by Martin Meija
23 Dec – TO TAKE ANOTHER HUMAN FORM by Jijo Sebastian Palatty
24 DEC – WHAT REMAINS by Enzo Cillo

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